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Re: For EU Players: Win a trip to SOE Live

Originally Posted by Rolfski View Post
I'm not too fond of these kind of contests tbh. You're basically pushing people to give up real life to make it to Vegas, which is sad. SOE as company should take its responsibility and not promote any gaming addiction. People who absolutely love this game but log in only one or two hours a day should have an equal chance.

Marketing Fail with a big "F" imo.
Feedback noted for next time Rolfski! We just wanted to build a competition around score for PlanetSide 2, rewarding the guys who put a lot of time in but I reckon next time we could take a look at letting those who can't play a ton (but who play well) to also have more of a chance.

@Torokf - if you win as an EU SOE player you still get the prize. We decided explicitly not to make a distinction here.

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