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For the EU guys who had to go to sleep before the Pro7 bit here's some notes. Please note that I was/am slightly drunk so it may not be all correct.
EU Webshow, called 'Newsflash' projected to be every two weeks. Like FNO but EU style. The show will be in both English and Auf Deutsche. Pretty sure that's the proper German phrase for 'In German'.

There's gonna be a 'meet the devs' at Gamescon (AUG 20-25), there will (or should be) Schnitzel and TRay might get some ice this time.

THERE WILL BE A BOXED VERSION OF PLANETSIDE 2! This boxed version will have exclusive items, maybe some armor? It should include boosts and Station Cash (Didn't clarify if it was Station cash or Pro7 cash)

Gonna be more twitter communication from Brollywood. Don't have his twitter so...

Per the top 36 players (12 per empire) with the highest score will duke it out. The top (highest scoring?) per empire will get a free pass to SOE Live. One TR, One VS and One NC. Signup ends on June 17th.

Quote from Matt Higby "I hope Basti doesn't win!"
Sorry Basti, Higgles said it, not me.

That's all I got from the segment. To all the EU players hoping to get a free vacation to Vegas, Good Luck!

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