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Re: The PlanetSide 2 on Playstation 4 MEGA THREAD

I plan on switching to PS2 for PS4 when it goes live. I'm confident console players will have their own servers as doing it differently would result in little to no console players. Combined PC and console play was tried in the past and it failed miserably.

The biggest selling point for me is hackers won't be an issue for the most part since people will risk getting their PS3's banned.

My brother is almost strictly a console gamer so we'll be able to play PS2 together which is nice.

That and with having kids it's easier to play console games as I'm more accessible on a console than when I'm on a PC. With the PC I have to wait until after my kids go to bed before I can play a game. With the console I can play for an hour or two during the day while my kid plays in front of me.

I'm not saying consoles are better. (I enjoy both) I've found they're just more convenient when you have little kids running around.

When my son was an infant I used to hold him in the crook of my arm while playing shooters. I'm a big(tall) guy so he fit well. My wife tried to do it once but her arms aren't as long as mine so she couldn't hold him and have her hand reach the controller comfortably at the same time. This doesn't really have anything to do with PS4 or PS2 just a tangent I've run off on.
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