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Re: Friday Night Ops EP39 Resource System Q&A Tonight

Originally Posted by Hamma View Post
Here's a rundown of the interview last night by the way, thanks to tinnedwaffles over on Reddit
Thank you very much for posting this synopsis. Rarely have time to watch long vlogs and videos to get at the details anymore. Very helpful.

Have to say though, the bit about not accruing res while in a vehicle is going to be a massive problem. If it's "vehicle deployed", that really punishes people rolling sundies or engineers who drive. If it's "riding in vehicle" people are just going to have to watch the timer like a hawk and hop out every 5 min.

I know for one that I will not be able to afford to pull my sundy for the use of others as a reserve spawn at big fights for 50 min to an hour if it means I'm not going to get any res back during that time! Hell, keeping that thing alive often costs me a few thousand (yes, thousand) res in land-mines to keep harassers from just mowing my spawners for easy xp.

Long-story-short, this means that the people collecting res or or defending miners are being quite selfless, as they won't be seeing any of the resources they're collecting.

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