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Originally Posted by Cruciall View Post

I have my doubts.

First they have to finish Hossin, then create 2 more battle islands,then integrate Interlink facilities into Indar,Esamir,and Amerish/revamp all 3 continents again,after that they have to have warp gates that work,then code in continental lattice , and continental locking....

Although they could just halfass it and just add Hossin into the game and change nothing, but then it will be the same pointless game just with a new continent.
The Interlinks have been removed from Hossin, and it's always possible that SOE could just copy/paste Nexus a few times. At that point it's just a matter of finishing up Hossin and putting everything out.

Functional warpgates, cont locking and the intercontinental lattice can wait as long as we get Hossin since those are features that are still very much long term.

If there's any server that may require a merge, it would be Briggs but there's no other AUS servers so...Connery? I bet that'd piss off a lot of people.

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