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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

Originally Posted by Xenostalker View Post
Smed's defense for the MBT turret being given to the driver was that 'the driver is the one spending the resources and certs' towards the vehicle.
That reasoning reaks of sweat. If so, we should be able to drive and gun all sunderer turrets and all galaxy turrets and all liberator turrets... No, they only made it this way to please BF players.

Originally Posted by Baneblade View Post
Except that the Mag was designed from the ground up to be a massive floating turret. They would have to change everything about it to normalize it.
It would not. The mag, like the other tanks would have 2 variants.

v1 - driver has the main gun, but it is fixed. Essentially this is PS2's default. Only diffrence is that the main gun is moved from the nose to the turret on the model.

v2 - the driver has no gun, but the turret is now mobile. The gunner can use the turret and rotate it freely. The turret moves independently from the tank's body (like in PS1).

As you see, there is no advantage over the other tanks this way.

Originally Posted by Lumberchuk View Post
The point of the fixed gun is for simplicity of controls. You'll have too many buttons otherwise. To make up for this the Mag has a crazily increased turn rate, however it lacks the ability to run away and fire simultaneously. Giving it a 360 turret will negate this weakness and will mean the 2 person mag could have an incredible advantage over the other 2 faction tanks when they are occupied by 2 people.
You can not have a hover tank and a turret that rotates with only one person controlling it. Hover controls need a mouse, as does the turret, no way this can work without a gunner.

You seam to miss the point that in PS2 no MBT can "run away and fire simultaneously". Here is how it works: if you rotate the turret 180° and try to run, it is essentially the same as reversing with the magrider. In both cases you are driving blind and will probably die after hitting a rock...
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