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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

Originally Posted by Xenostalker View Post
Smed's defense for the MBT turret being given to the driver was that 'the driver is the one spending the resources and certs' towards the vehicle.
Have the gunner refund a portion of the cost to the owner when they get in. Fairness/complexity could be implemented with a more complex deposit scheme with the last driver/gunner in the vehicle before it despawns/is destroyed ultimately paying the cost of the vehicle.

Originally Posted by Azren View Post
It would not. The mag, like the other tanks would have 2 variants.

v1 - driver has the main gun, but it is fixed. Essentially this is PS2's default. Only diffrence is that the main gun is moved from the nose to the turret on the model.

v2 - the driver has no gun, but the turret is now mobile. The gunner can use the turret and rotate it freely. The turret moves independently from the tank's body (like in PS1).

As you see, there is no advantage over the other tanks this way.
+1 A much more elegant solution. Hot swapping should have a few seconds delay as well, Just 2 or 3 seconds.
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