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Christ almighty guys, this game is all about having FUN!

What's more fun?;

1) you spend your hard earned res on a great big tank to drive around in, shoot in and have a buddy help you out with a secondary AA gun when you feel like it. Huge number of tanks on the battlefield, everyone wins.

2) you spend your hard earned res on a tank to drive around in. You now need to find someone to fire the big gun (getting the kills & satisfaction of shooting shit) who is not shit and who is not gunna frustrate you. Then on top of that you have half as many targets in the battlefield, as every tank is full of twice as many people as is required.

Dude, I want to have my fun with my tank on my terms. I also want my outfits members to roll out twice as big a column of tanks onto the battlefield instead of half as many.


'Nuff said

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