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The lightening was useless, and no doubt will be in PS2. Aside from quick transport and general distraction purposes it wasn't kidding anyone. It was very good fun in large numbers though.

I am still all for giving owner of the tank the option to do as he pleases though. But force me to spend my resources on a tank to miss out on the best bet and play taxi driver and I won't bother, I (and most I imagine) will just hang around waiting to gun someone else's tank.

40 tanks takes up to 80 addition people off the battlefield for no real (fun) benefit the way your wanting it. I am *totally* for team work, but forcing people together for very little 'fun' gain doesn't help anyone. I would rather have those 80 people with a/v launchers, in reavers, in other tanks and acting as support then stuck inside them because they HAVE to be.

Tanks have such a pivotal role of the game, and are such a good way of showing off the MMO capability. By their very nature they are great targets for everyone/enemy, and great fun to use. Forcing more people inside of them for the sake of it nerfs the global population and risks frustrating the tank cert'ers to the point of ignoring them. Just mindlessly driving around, watching your gunner miss targets you could have got before driving back for repair is a crappy way of playing a first person shooter......

We need 2 person tanks, 1 driver&main gun then one secondary person for the AA gun.

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