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Good analysis. I did not even consider that to be an UI for a vehicle as the view was odd and I thought it was a infantry with no gun viewing it.

This is probably a bit of stretch, but I cannot stop thinking about those support legs on that wannabe tower. The ground are the base of those legs looks broken up. It is almost as though that structure could move across the land or better yet be a drop installation from a orbiting platform. Of course this could just be my imagination running wild wanting PS2 to be the best game ever .
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Here we can see the difference between the 'Agile' class which has a jetpack and the 'Heavy' class that does not.

In circles 1,2 and 3 the heavy has extra leg and forearm armor along with larger kneepads and a large armored belt with buckle and a full-face helmet. Although this could be a customization choice and not an agile exo suit vs reinforced exo suit.
Note, this was an indication of leadership in planet side one, and had no effect. (minus the helm) It could mean anything .
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