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Re: Devs - Past mistakes and Teamwork (History is important!)

Yeah you can form up on a continent; in a warp gate or the uncapturable base.

Or hell, out in the world unprotected... you have to admit having enemies unable to strike you while you get your act together is a little lame, it would be incredibly cool to go and pre emptively strike a raid. Not to mention the excitement of scrambling into vehicles to deal with the attack.

BFRs could have been awesome if....

BFRs get extra crewmen for control of each weapon arm. This turns them into heavy tanks, slotting them into the game in a balanced way.
They should also choose one of the following:
extra turret
  • cloaking field (requires infiltrator pilot)
  • regenerating shield
  • flight pack (VS only?)
  • weapon feeds (increase fire rate, TR only)
  • extra armour (NC only)
This extra crew requirement and removal of the shield by default would warrant a slight armour increase and size increase. The different names would also become redundant and the game would finally have the heavy tanks it deserves.
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