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Re: Devs - Past mistakes and Teamwork (History is important!)

Originally Posted by 2coolforu View Post
In what way is organising on an empty continent different to organizing in the sanctuary?
Its not. Whats different is you don't have to go through sanc to get to the fight every time you log in. I would have no issues with a sanc if it was only a place to form up, and upon logging in I was able to go straight to the map view to select a base to spawn in or a position to HART too.

As for footholds I don't see how we will get the great feeling of locking a cont if we can never make it fully secure, although I don't know all the details of the foothold system so I can't really comment on it.
I don't think they want continents locked. Theres no lattice that dictates what you can attack, and no continent benefits. Only the system where you can more easily control land if you control more land surrounding it.

As for BFR's there was no reason for them to come in, what roles are left for a big robot?
Their role was a tank destroyer that was vulnerable to infantry to end the battlefield dominance of the tank, which was the most effective AV and AI platform. They just didn't make it vulnerable enough to infantry. Infinite regenerating shields likely didn't help.

For the FVs.. I got nothing. Solo vehicle that can kill most every other vehicle in the game? And can move around quick? Yeah, that was crazy. But the GVs weren't bad once all the balance got done with, aside from lingering issues with the animations. :P
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