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Post Composite Wallpaper

Hello everyone, I have posted this on the Planetside 2 forums, so I thought I would be un-biased and post it here aswell. I have been working on some compilations of several designs for some PS2 faction wallpaper I have been doing. Some of these are my progress of what I am doing. These can still be used as wallpapers, below are just some that I decided to release to he PS community.

New Conglomerate (Compo #1):

Link: New Conglomerate

Terran Republic (Compo #1):

Link: Terran Republic

NOTE: These are not finals and are subject to change!

Where is the Vanu Sovereignty wallpaper at?
- Well, the fact is, the Vanu are so precise and sophisticated that I haven't really came up with a outline design for them just yet. Check Foodland Catalogue and Foodworks Catalogue.But, just be patient!

Feel free to critique! Remember these are composites, they have errors that you can plainly see because I have not cleaned them up yet...

Yours truly....

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