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Re: What PC is better for Planetside 2?

Tesselation is just a rendering method. It's used in finite element analysis: You generate a mesh that approximates a large object in tetrahedra, because a large body is too hard to calculate.
I'm not exactly sure how they use it in real-time stuff.

Originally Posted by RomanN View Post
I just want the option to have SLI/Crossfire if I ever need/want it.
The way I see it the 670 is going to be plenty for at least a couple years.

As he's saying, at that point, why would you want to upgrade to a second 670 instead of a modern 870 with the new graphics tech bells and whistles on a new lower power process?
You'd "save money" with SLi. But you'll actually pretty much save the cost of getting the brand new card by not bothering with the bigger CPU and overpriced motherboard.

That's the philosophy I think is the most effective: Get something good in the present, don't ever buy with the intent of replacing in the short term. Don't attempt to "future proof" by buying something top-of-the-line. Buy something mid range, at half the cost, twice as often.

All opinions are not equal. Some are a very great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others.

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