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Re: WDS awareness?

Quick Answer if you are looking for something that can be implemented in the near future that people will like: Group XP boosts. That way if we win an award, we get a boost for the whole team who won.

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
What I've distilled out of this is:
1) rewards aren't motivating enough
2) world is not persistent enough for holdings to be meaningful
3) nothing to help outfits stand out in what they accomplish
It's not as much that the rewards you are offering aren't motivating, there are a million rewards for killing or taking bases, it's just that there is no meaning to the capture itself, thus the rewards have no meaning. It's like everyone in your town winning the lottery, it's nice when it happens, and now you are all millionaires, but the meaning of it is diminished somewhat because Everyone you know, now has the same reward.

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
The goal of WDS long-term is a victory condition in a world that is always changing, and where any one victory is short lived. We want it to be a way that outfits can compare strategic impact and get some recognition for their efforts and to develop some server pride and community to achieve that victory condition.

Intercontinental lattice adds to persistence and player agency but the obvious goal (capture every territory in the game) is not realistically achievable, nor can contribution towards it be measured. That's where WDS comes in. Its a strategic scoring system in its infancy. In the future I expect it will have points for continent locking, cracking, and sealing, with a possible instant victory if the unattainable is attained. I'm trying to sort out how best to score contribution of an outfit and identify good rewards. What would you like to see?
But as of right now, there is no possibility for strategy to be done. It is all tactics. So this is a system (Scoring system) being implemented prior to the system it is meant to compliment (Strategic game of PS2) being implemented. It's fitting a submarine with some kind of silent running technology, but leaving out the oxygen system... so it's nearly impossible for us to tell you what we want. We can say a Ton of things that people will want for some hypothetical strategic game... none of which could be applicable to the final plan of the strategy game of PS2... because we don't know what that is yet.

Will we be able to cut lattice links? If so, then maybe More of what is needed to do that.

Will there be artillery? Maybe enhanced range on that.

Will there be LLUs? Maybe a few more possibilities for those.

All people can comment on now, is what they see IG right this moment, and there is nothing IG right now that they can't already get through easier means, which could be rewarded through the WDS... that will benefit outfits more than the play time that is used to accumulate that score that won them the reward.

So things that I would like to be rewarded, but I have no idea as to if they will be part of the final product that is PS2:

-Something that will add Temporary Lattice links
-Extra use of an LLU, or a closer LLU...
-Ability to disable shields over a wider area
-Tanks available at more bases
-Orbital strike usage

Edit: As a scoring system the WDS scoring system is good. The 50% bonus to groups that are lead might be a step too far... just because it is so much of a boost, maybe a 10% boost in score when it comes to the winning faction. Other than that though, it is a solid premise. Understand that, because I know I just spent a whole post trashing it, it's not that I don't like the WDS, it's just that it's not going to work until the thing it compliments is put in. When the strategic game of PS2 is better implemented I think the WDS will do a great job.

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