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Re: One-year anniversary bundle

I just want to know one thing:

If I buy the Bundle, with my TR character, does all characters receive all weapons?
It is like they will receive it, empire golden rocket launchers to everyone, but I am not sure!
Also, boosters were something global, but they changed it, now boosters I got with my TR character are no use to my other characters, so...
If i buy the 1 year bundle, all my characters and new ones will receive the heroic boost? Like alpha squad?
And like I said, it really looks like a second alpha squad to the game, some weapons, a 6 months boosters, 1 bundle of camo and 1 bundle of decal, I think it is just missing a LMG that was replaced with the ESRL and the title. For the same price. (you would also receive 4.000 SC with the pack...)
I will wait more 2 days and hope for a SC deal, any SC deal will do! Even 10% off! I am almost paying full price for it!

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