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Re: One year Anniversary News, Stream and Bundle!

When that Heroic Boost was available back in March, it was 50% for both XP and Resources. When they re-offered it again a few months later, it was just for XP. Its been just for XP every time its been made available since. Its not quite as valuable as the original version, which is probably why they're making the whole bundle 4k instead of 5k just for the boost.

I bought the original boost and it definitely was a help to resource gain, I spammed tank mines and C4 all over the place without a care, and I have to hold myself back a little now that its gone. But the other problem with that boost is that you can't time it for just when you're playing. At 5000 SC, I calculated that the 50% 7-day boost is a better deal if you bought a bunch of them at half-off, unless you play practically every single day. At 3999 SC for the boost and all the other stuff (the camo is nice and dark, I took a good hard look at some people wearing it today, looks like some RL camos for once) is a pretty good deal.

Unfortunately I have less than 1000 SC left and I refuse to buy more until its a Triple Station Cash deal. I already have my gift cards purchased (Gamestop deal) too, but I'd rather wait than spend them now just for this bundle. I really don't need another XP boost, rather have resources if anything. $10 for a 1500SC card, then tripled, trumps everything, if I don't use it for Planetside 2, I'll save it for EQ Next.

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