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Re: Santorum Drops Out

Ron Paul will never be President. It would be interesting to see what happens to a country that abolishes its food and drug regulation bureaus and lets states do basically whatever they want, though, so I kind of wish he were the one to win.

But, thankfully, neither will Santorum, although if Santorum had the kind of money backing him that Romney does one wonders if the situation might not have been reversed. Either way, I doubt any of these tools will stand much of a chance against Obama. B. HUSSEIN Obongo of the Socialist Nazi-state of Kenya may raise a few hackles, but I think it's safe to say he has broader appeal than the soulless Mormon robot who answers questions about whether he likes NASCAR by commenting that some of his friends own teams. It'll be an incumbent President who killed the shit out of Osama, versus a totally detached, super-rich weirdo that nobody except fellow cultists actually claim to like.

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