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Re: Slavery IS Legal in America

Originally Posted by Vash02 View Post
The 'tekkin our jerbs!' people do have a point. Why should a virtual slave labour work force undercut good behaving citizen workers?

Really if prisoners want to do work it should be something no one else wants to do. Not like making parts for missiles.
23 cents/hour.

Doesn't surprise me.

But you'll never hear me say its right.

Also, most people who say "So?" are either sheltered or self richeous.
They would also squeal like a child if ever convicted because they think
they are untouchable.

Sorry kids, but humans are humans, no matter what their crime.
Almost everyone deserves a second chance, but we have a history
of apathy/sweeping problems under the rug here in America.
So nothing will change in the end.

And no one deserves to be forced into slavery.

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