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[COAL] Casual, Community-style Gaming on Mattherson! Plus Free Stuff!

Win a $15 Smedbucks Card courtesy of Coalition Gaming:

Time Zone: Predominantly US but we have players in the UK, Europe, and Eastern Asia
Faction: Terran Republic
Server Location: Mattherson
Short description: We are a 9 year old community comprised of various communities. Our core members have played a variety of games and are generally in their 20s. We are affiliated with the communities of AGN (Agents Gaming Network, so named before Auraxis Global Network) and New Conglomerate Special Forces
Member Target: Self-directed fun individuals

The community has its roots in Planetside and was formed in late 2004/early 2005 by AmbientOSX for the purposes of uniting the best snipers on the Original Planetside's EMERALD server. This group forms the core of our community to this day. We’ve played Planetside, UT2004, World of Warcraft, Eve Online, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, APB, Age of Conan, Space Cowboy, Transformice, League of Legends, Diablo 3, Battlefield 3... and many more games together. Our member base has played pretty much every game you can imagine.

The Coalition was formed a number of years ago to facilitate member sharing between prominent groups from the original Planetside. We are not a merger; simply a conglomeration (read: coalition) of groups looking to find like minded individuals to game with.

Our Approach to PS2:
We will do whatever is most fun and most effective. Saying that our outfit(s) will only do X, Y or Z thing seems pretty silly. We’ll play fair, but we’ll never be afraid to get a little bit dirty (think plasma in the old Planetside or perhaps AA). This isn’t a popular opinion even within our own ranks at times - we’re no strangers to the concept of e-honor. That said, lets be honest, we are playing a game and we are playing to have fun/beat other empires. We’ll do that however we can.

What We Offer:
We are a community of communities so we offer everything. You can play however you want and fit into whatever group suits your playstyle best. We have a very robust website and are continually adding features to it. We have benefits for active members, perks for members who financially support the group, and we are ramping up the events we run constantly.

A big plus: WE ARE CURRENTLY PLAYING OTHER GAMES! (League of Legends and Elder Scrolls Online) Planetside 2 will be great, but it will not be your life immediately nor indefinitely. The idea of joining a community centers around finding a group of players in this crazy world of online PC gaming that you can stay with throughout the tempest that is changing games/games dying/new games coming out.

Who We Want:
We want players who are mature, who want to have fun. We’ll give almost anyone a shot at membership. Be courteous, be fairly politically correct... but most of all just have a good sense of self. Oh, also, motivated players looking to improve our community/put in some work to make it better/provide some leadership are always a plus.

Don’t be stupid. Be mature. Don’t get arrested. Think about how you’re acting. Our rules are pretty simple.

Want to join?
So many ways to go about it. You could fill out an app here: or you could talk to one of our active managers/officers on xfire (ambientx, borisgt, rienholt) or you could just make an intro post on our boards or you could register on our forums and then login to our (Mumble) voice server at with your forum username/password and just start playing with us. Or you could shoot me a private message here. Or you could come to my house...

Want to know more?
Post here and we’ll tell you whatever you need to know.

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