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Re: Please let us know you experience with PS 1

I am crazyduckling. NC Markov. I'm sure most do not know who I am.

BR 25.
CR 4.

I started in TMI for about 2 days until my longtime friend Gamermvp got me to join Horsemen of Apocalypse (an off shoot of TMI (The Mobile Infantry) who was an off shoot of the 666 Devil Dogs). We even have our own off shoot: NC Spec Ops. We were an elite armor unit with intentions on returning for PS2. We also ran other ops including Libs, Thundys, BangBuses, etc.

I started in late May 2005...about the 2 year Anniversary of Planetside.

We were also the Naum Defense Force on Hossin before the lattice was changed...because no one wanted to take the time to CE that base...WE WANT NAUM BACK IN PS2!!!

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