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Post Toxin Raiders Podcast

Maj. IBurnMyCD
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During this episode, IBurnMyCD asks a Toxin officer and founding member, NazTheEternal, about his role in Toxin and Planetside 2.

Segment 1: Goyo interviews Jepaul (JP), who is one of the Commanders of Toxin Raiders. We discover what he expects from Planetside 2, as well as the role Toxin Raiders will play in PS2.

Segment 2: During the second part of the video IBurnMyCD holds a round-table discussion on Teamspeak. In which anybody was allowed to participate and have their say.

Thank you to all those who participated in the discussion and we hope to see you join us in future episodes.

During this episode, IBurnMyCD asks the recruitment officer, bigcracker, about his role in Toxin and Planetside 2.

We get to discuss Planetside with Gabage, another member and officer of Toxin Raiders. Stay tuned to hear more from some of our newer members as well as IBurnMyCD in regards to our public relations and recruiting process.

In this episode, Goyo interviews IBurnMyCD about where his namesake came from, why he's in Toxin, and what he hopes to see in the Planetside 2 beta.

Keep your ears tuned for an upcoming interview with Planetside 2 Game Designer, PurrfectStorm.

Today's episode features a very special guest! Margaret Krohn (AKA @PurrfectStorm) A SOE Game Designer, was kind enough to grace us with her presence.

Join us as we delve into her history as a gamer, and find out many details about her current life as a designer working for Sony Online Entertainment.

Thank you for joining us and be sure to keep an eye out for the new Toxin Gamers website due to roll out within the next week!

Today's episode has been long awaited as we've held our tongues due to the NDA for a few weeks. We're back on track now that the NDA has been lifted and more of our members have made their way into the game.

Toxin recently conducted their first Battle Operation and IBurnMyCD talks to JePaul about his thoughts regarding Toxin's Planetside 2 presence and what he thinks of the game thusfar.

Keep an eye out for Episode #8 where IBurnMyCd interviews H4CKER (aka Ziko), one of Toxin's top FPS players.

We welcome anybody who wants to participate in either a podcast or a round table discussion. Join us on our forums for a chance to be a part of Toxin Raiders podcast's.
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