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Re: Auraxian Inquirer: Issue 5

Excellent compilation. A couple of issues with the visuals though:
  • I kinda liked the more informal style of writing when it was on the forums. AI:5 has a tad too much of a "news-papery" writing style which felt too pretentious and serious for a game about having fun.

    An example would be referring to Smed with his full name "John Smedly CEO of SOE" rather than just smed, smedly, or the smedster.

    Responding this week to a reddit post, John Smedley, CEO of SOE...
    Other Examples:
    Higby did respond in a statement soon thereafter, stating that:
    Planetside 2. The long awaited optimization update (That is being seen as a possible solution to many of the optimization issues players of PS2 face) was indeed confirmed for being worked on, and slated to be released in 2-4 months (9). The release of Multi-threading being close to the release time of the PS4 is no coincidence, as the PS4's AMD based chipset all but requires said feature be ready before PS2 can be released there-on.

    -- Simplify
    I guess ultimately it just felt like there were too many attempts at filler "professional-sounding" words for something that should have been more brief.

  • Font had a drop-shadow that made it a little hard to read

  • Too many walls of text, spice it up a bit more with pictures and formatting! (Don't have any examples on hand... look into magazines)

  • It didn't seem like it was print-friendly. Not sure what can be done about that with the PDF tho. Maybe look to see if there's something that can be done to give it a white background and black text when printing?

  • Also, the PDF doesn't copy/paste very easy!

I must say though that I'm really enjoying the Axis Inquirer as a means to make sure I'm up to speed on the latest on PS2's development. Can't wait for AI:6

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