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Re: Auraxian Inquirer: Issue 5

Originally Posted by Edfishy View Post
Excellent compilation. A couple of issues with the visuals though:
  • I kinda liked the more informal style of writing when it was on the forums. AI:5 has a tad too much of a "news-papery" writing style which felt too pretentious and serious for a game about having fun.

    An example would be referring to Smed with his full name "John Smedly CEO of SOE" rather than just smed, smedly, or the smedster.
  • This is something I kind of messed with, but if people don't like it, I'll go with something slightly more informal.

    Originally Posted by Edfishy View Post
    I guess ultimately it just felt like there were too many attempts at filler "professional-sounding" words for something that should have been more brief.
    Admittedly... That's just how I write. I have a couple people working with me now, who are going to try and reign that in in the future.

    Originally Posted by Edfishy View Post
  • Font had a drop-shadow that made it a little hard to read
  • This was an attempt at matching the font from IG... doesn't translate as well to print. This will be changed next week

    Originally Posted by Edfishy View Post
  • Too many walls of text, spice it up a bit more with pictures and formatting! (Don't have any examples on hand... look into magazines)
  • Good point, will look into it.

    Originally Posted by Edfishy View Post
  • It didn't seem like it was print-friendly. Not sure what can be done about that with the PDF tho. Maybe look to see if there's something that can be done to give it a white background and black text when printing?

  • Also, the PDF doesn't copy/paste very easy!
Originally Posted by Edfishy View Post
I must say though that I'm really enjoying the Axis Inquirer as a means to make sure I'm up to speed on the latest on PS2's development. Can't wait for AI:6

Thank you very much for the feedback. I appreciate people critiquing what I have done, because frankly it's the only way the AI will improve.

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