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If it is hard to aim, as in PS1, and relatively ineffective unless used skillfully then it is balanced. Plus, it would be a high level cert and would be hard to get at. we could also make it more balanced by not instantly killing people, or better, disrupting certain aspects of gameplay, i.e. an EMP strike would disrupt electronic sights or lower the effectiveness of vehicals (aircraft stalling, magriders becomming immobile for a short time, the HUD being disrupted or turned off). I never said instant kills, and I think that it would add more depth to gameplay. Resources could also be involved, more powerfull airstrike=more resources, or maybe multiple people have to combine resources to airstrike, or maybe they have to have a certain number of sunderers in a group in order to activate the ability. Plus, it's an airstrike it is going to have a huge cooldown. Even so the idea maybe broken. I personally like the idea of towing around an artiller peice, or being able to airdrop a one-time use one into the feild. They are plenty of different ways to pull off artiller without comprimising gameplay. What do you think?

That was my point, Gugabalog, you were both right in the definition of logistics.
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