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Re: Joining the PS2 Team

Well done Malorn, you're joining the team at an important time. Hopefully your sensible voice will be heard in the big pool that is the PS2 Dev team.

Oh, and I'm glad to see you're continuing the honoured tradition of SOE Devs posting anywhere except the official forums

My question is this (seeing as everyone seems to have a free question):

What are your thoughts on the need for dynamic population balancing?
Assuming you see the need for it, would you consider dynamic server balancing to be an option?
(i.e. as pops fall into the night, close servers as they depopulate and migrate players to consolidate numbers, then open them up again as pops rise)
Obviously toons need to be portable, but I don't think we've ever been told they won't be?

Anyway, congratulations and good luck!
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