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Re: The PlanetSide 2 on Playstation 4 MEGA THREAD

Originally Posted by Calista View Post
I am curious though, what happens when there is an issue inherent to the console players demanding a different type of gameplay that the PC users might not desire? For instance, most console shooter guys are used to the short timed instanced CoD type fights with well defined win conditions that end the round. PS2 doesn't exactly cater to that although the alert system seems to be an attempt to address this issue.
well then they can go suck a big one. this game clearly advertises what it sets out to do, and if they want to change that it wont happen.

however, there are already lots of CoDvert "Battlefield (3) fans" on the consolololols, they will undoubtedly check this game out "becuz it looks liek battlefield 3".

i laugh at the intelligence of some console fans sometimes

thank god not all of them are that stupid.

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