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Originally Posted by Calista View Post
I am curious though, what happens when there is an issue inherent to the console players demanding a different type of gameplay that the PC users might not desire? For instance, most console shooter guys are used to the short timed instanced CoD type fights with well defined win conditions that end the round. PS2 doesn't exactly cater to that although the alert system seems to be an attempt to address this issue.
you dont really have to worry about cod noobs on the playstation because most that play it are on xbox because it plays better their

90% or more of the people who will start playing ps2 on the ps4 will get fed up with it and leave before they get invested enough to try and change the game or they will play the game for what it is and enjoy it to varying degrease, the remaining 10% or less will not have a strong enough voice to in the PS4 community much less the PS4 and PC community combined to convince SOE to change their game in the way you fear
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