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Re: Possible upcoming changes to Spawn Rules

It's a step in the right direction.

The biggest thing that needs to be considered though, is increasing the spawn timer for Sunderers. That way they don't have an equal or greater time to respawn to facilities, giving a bonus to defenders, but also just making sense, since facilities are rooted in the ground and connected to infrastructure, while Sunderers aren't.

That, and drop pods need to have less maneuverability. As they are now, they are the rods from god, shooting down at targets and guided rather effectively by the trooper. You guide them a good ways off from the central spawn beacon. One of the best solutions I have heard, is that you can engage airbrakes with your drop pod, which will allow you to manuver further off (We'll say, to the distance you can travel now) but it'll take 3 times as long to reach the ground, which means you can actually shoot down drop pods; or, you just shoot to the ground faster than you do now... but you have no control over where you land. This way drop pods don't become a way to hop halfway across the battlefield, they are just what they say... pods you drop into battle with.

That is a bigger issue than Where you respawn, but that is my opinion. The changes detailed are good.

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