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Re: Possible upcoming changes to Spawn Rules

To give an example, many organized squads and platoons will use the Reinforcements Needed points to hop from defensive fight to defensive fight, squash any resistance, and move on to the next one. This makes progressing any front difficult, especially at large outposts where there is often a lot of time to respond. You think you have the outpost won and out of nowhere a zerg appears and crushes you. Then when you fall back to the next base anticipating that zerg pushing never comes...because they hopped over to another area. When you push back in again they re-appear to halt your advance again. It turns small fights into big fights and stagnates a front line preventing either side from gaining meaningful progression. All that is caused by convenient long distance mobility across the map.
So if "Reinforcements Needed" stays as a spawn option, this problem will remain. Now when the reinforcements needed spawn option was introduced into the game, I was a big fan, and I still am because it fits the way I like to play.

I just wonder how the problem you so eloquently describe can be fixed without completely scrapping the "Reinforcements Needed" spawn options?
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