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Re: Possible upcoming changes to Spawn Rules

There's definitely a balance to be struck between satisfying an individual's need to be able to quickly find a good fight and requiring squad+ groups to use transport of some kind. In my view, eventually Reinforcements Needed needs to be removed to preserve continental force flow, and Squad Deploy changed, as Malorn suggested, to a convenient tool to regroup with your squad within the same hex instead of a way to move troops cross-continent en masse. I would ideally have IA as the only "get me to a fight now" tool, but realistically, I doubt that much freedom is going to be taken away from players, even if it would (and it would) drastically improve the battle flow and general experience of a continental fight.

I never liked the HART. Seemed to me like an easily abusable method of mass troop movement every 5 minutes; the only reason it wasn't completely broken was that it dropped you with no logistical link and no vehicles, but in PS2 I don't know that that would be a large enough downside for platoons.

The idea, really, is just to make acquiring transport necessary in order to get to a specific place, and have some travel time when doing so.

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