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Originally Posted by Hamma View Post
This is our biggest issue but unfortunately there's no way around this - we are using remote cameras and the lowest I've been able to get delay is about 3-4 seconds. I'll do some thinking and see if I can come up with some solutions during live broadcast.
Can you please share the origin of the problem with the community, maybe we can figure something out too...

From what I understand:

You have 3 cameras.
At least 2 of them are connected via delayed streams.

If that's the case, why not put all commentators into a separate voice program, so thier streamed voices are translated (broadcasted) through 1 streamer, with delay, as opposed to having them all transmitted live through the studio. From my understanding, the program used for streaming is built-in twitch (without 3d party voice), but if you use a separate twitch program on one of the commentators, he can be the host of the party. Based on that, the Engineering Central (aka Hamma studio) will still be able to move cameras around, although without the ability to participate in discussions during game streams.

If there's a problem of the sort that if you put non-host on screen, the sounds get mixed up (like there's a max shooting on the video, but instead there is a sound of roaring sunderer), you can make streaming based on the separate twitch program for everyone. The issue then is whether you can withstand 3 echos constantly going through your audio.

There's also a possible way to solve the issue above by having 4 streams, but I just don't know if it's at all possible to be streaming 2 things simultaneously, not to even mention - one of them being skype*. But I'm quite sure that at the final destination (Hamma's studio) you can show two mixed streams both with audio, so if it's possible at the starting point, the solution is very preferrable.

This way when it's time to show "the mugs" you'll have 5-10 seconds to prep the google+ conference. And above that, you'll be able to set ANY delay on streams, so that you can do tech stuff and rehersing, while the delayed stream catches up with its live end.

EDIT: And, if you decide to put 5 minute delay on the stream, during the delay takeoff point (where you basically need 5 minutes to fill up the stream gap, you can invite a "guest star" of the previous event (team-leader or any participant), taking an interview and/or asking for predicitons for the following match if the player is familiar with one of the participants; or you can fill it up the "Clash Highlights" video I suggested... The only issue you'll encounter then is what to fill the time in-between the rounds with.

EDIT2: *Okay it's doable:

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