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Re: Consolidated Community Clash Feedback Thread

I was the tactical leader for GotR in the GotR vs TRG match last week. My suggestions have already been echoed and responded to by others. Thanks for working hard on making CC a blast of an event.

I recommend:

1. Bases agreed to at least 24 hours in advance.

2. Make event host responsible for hard spawns. (my best sundy driver was held up doing the hard spawn sundy)

3. Have four rounds (yes call them rounds), with halftime after Round 2. Round 5 SDO if a tie. But call them rounds. Call the whole set of rounds a Match.

4. Have Rounds 1 and 2 attack and defend, like it is now. Then halftime. Then have Round 3 be vehicle SDO, and Round 4 infantry SDO. If a tie, then Round 5 SDO would be a pick by the winning toss caller of any of the above: point capture, vehicle SDO, or infantry SDO; and prohibitions/weapons decided by losing toss caller.

5. Rounds 1 and 2 points should be decided by capture of points by timer end + number of kills.

6. Status of teams posted on an overhead HUD, so viewers can see at a glance who is alive or dead. Perhaps # of kills also shown.

7. Timers on display in the stream, both countdown timer, and round timer.

8. Eliminate 3 screen split. Use picture-in-picture instead with one view displayed as the main, with the other two cameras as PIPs at the bottom of the screen. Then rotating to other camera angles as needed.

9. Would be cool if you rotated to a map view with highlights as you comment on the play being watched (while still keeping PIPs for all three cameras to the right side of the screen).

Good fight TRG. It was a blast.

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