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Re: Possible upcoming changes to Spawn Rules

Just remove squad deploy, it overlaps confusingly with both instant action and spawn beacons and really adds nothing to the game.

Spawn beacons are a far better mechanic, since the enemy can see them and destroy them they have a chance to stop you spawning - just like Sunderers, or even SCUs. All these things effectively provide organic sub-objectives which make the battle more interesting and diverse.

But squad spawn just means a constant stream of enemy reinforcements from nowhere, with no indication as to which enemy player they're spawning on. How are you supposed to prevent that? It just makes the battle messy, confusing and unfair.

I'd also suggest adding some kind of super-beacon for Instant Action - either a high-level unlockable from the command tree with a high resource cost, or automatically placed by the server when it decides an IA location. That would improve consistency and make battle flow much clearer on the ground, as well as potentially generating new objectives.

You could also consider adding some kind of marker (something akin to a waypoint, but in the appropriate faction colour?) to spawns that have been selected by Reinforcements Needed - so attackers can prepare for the wave of defenders that are likely to spawn.

Finally, I like the idea of long-range spawns costing resources - that makes a lot of sense. Adding a resource cost for Reinforcements Needed and for all drop-pods (ideally replacing the cool-down on IA and beacons) would be a good resource-sink and would balance them better with transport vehicles.

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