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Re: Possible upcoming changes to Spawn Rules

Originally Posted by phungus View Post
The spawn limitations ruin battle flow and are nothing but frustrating. Players should be allowed to spawn at and support any location they control. This would create much more interesting and active gameplay and reduce the number of boring camp fests as well as push players to the actual battle lines rather then massing into zerg balls.

The idea and effect of the current and proposed spawning limitations are simply bad for the game and are bad design.
Spawn limitations = logistics which provide for battle flow. If you can teleport across to each base you own you have absolutely NO flow of battle.

Zergs form because the defenders do not counter attack or stay to defend. Camping happens because the defenders get radically outnumbered quickly after some small setbacks in the fight. It's too easy for losing defenders to just /suicide or redeploy to another fight where they have the numbers advantage.

Forcing people to fight down the lanes instead of hopping along the front will reintroduce real battle flow into this game and make halting attacks and defending much more rewarding and fruitful for the players.

Last night we pushed back and forth from Allatum to Dhaka against a force of VS players. It was a decent fight with a slight NC pop advantage so we were able to slowly push back on the VS until we hit Indar Comm array. We were winning the fight until a large VS outfit dropped 50+ from a Squad Deploy thus shifting the numbers from about a 20% pop advantage (on a < 48 pop situation) in favor of the NC to a 3:1 in favor of the VS.

They kicked us out and started pushing on West Highlands Checkpoint only to not be able to outzerg us. 10 minutes later they teleported away and we easily pushed all the way to Dahaka.

That's not battle flow. A group of at least 50 were able to teleport in, tip numbers their way, and the second they had to start fighting they teleported out.

We need restrictions on where you can spawn and how often. Right now potentially great fights up and down the lattice lanes are ended by the defenders being able to scatter the second the battle starts tipping in favor of the attacker. The lattice lanes do not fufill their purpose if sustained battles do not happen along them.

Right now they turn into the attackers greatly outnumbering the defenders because the spawn mechanics do not conform to the idea of the lattice. Instead they counteract the mechanics of the lattice in a major way causing any battle flow improvements originally intended with the lattice and work against the flow of this game.

It's a major design flaw right now that was a culmination of design decisions made to more quickly get people to the rather thin front line the hex system caused.

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