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Re: Community Clash TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Co-founder of TGWW here. I just read through most of this, and I want to clear up a few things. The people that are being referred to over and over as "ringers" or whatever (corewin, naterian, arcfault, thundahawk, rudelord) are HARDLY new to TGWW. Most of them stick to a different faction for whatever reason, but they all fly with TGWW any time they play vanu, and we fly with their respective outfits (QRY for NC, or whatever TE's air wing was called for TR...rarely flew over there). arcfault was with/a part of TGWW almost from the start, but he flew on his TR most of the time when we got going, so his VS character just never joined our outfit. Corewin*, Nate*, Thunda, and Rude are all NC characters, and we fly with them as QRY on NC. Thunda's VS character has been in TGWW for some time now, and i think rude's has as well. Corewin has flown with us many times on VS, and his alt has been in our outfit for at least 4 months, maybe longer (I remember inviting him myself after he switched from his NC to his VS to fly with us after getting dalton'd one too many times.)
*used to be TR with TE

Long story short, is we didn't have a perfect "label" to go under, but this group of pilots has been an "outfit" for over 9 months now.

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