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Re: Community Clash TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Originally Posted by snafus View Post
Then it needs to be set in stone that once a player chooses a team they cannot participate in another competitive team or faction. What is the point of having a faction based team if I can swap to any outfit or team I play with regularly?

And that Reddit post seems to push the issue that you should not be using non outfit based members as team members. Though it is written rather oddly and I would like if Torkz could clarify the issue further.
If this was actually MLG, where something was on the line, more akin with other high level eSports, then yes, I'd completely agree.

But for RCCC and this developing environment, I'll just quote Phrygen of BWC, who stated it quite well:

"I think its important for everyone to remember these are just scrim games, and whats most important is testing how competitive or structured PS2 battles will play out. Anyone who has done a scrim on test server knows how awkward it can be at times.

Being overly judgmental of outfits and players is not healthy for the overall goal of competitive PS2, but again if we consider the long run, there are very significant issues that will need to be addressed and resolved in order for PS2 MLG to be viable, let alone successful."

Personally, if I played against you on 5 different teams, I wouldn't have any issue with that. I know my personal situation, I routinely play every faction. I would not consider it out of the realm of possibility that I would play in a scrim match for a different faction, with a different outfit and the same people. Very few of the top tier pilots on Mattherson have any faction loyalty at all. Mostly all of us want to play competitively. We don't know exactly where we would land if we had to pick a single faction or outfit permanently, and until then, we're just sticking together, playing in the outfits we're in.

I don't see why so many people get hung up on the faction loyalty thing. It serves no purpose other than tying you down and preventing you from being flexible and finding the best fit for you. I can guarantee if all the people I always play with did that, a third of us at most would be playing together, if that. Most of us would probably have quit the game if not for this group.

Anyways, I'm ranting.

This will all get further clarified, to a T. Some people will be happy with the ruling, hopefully most, and inevitably some people will be bent out of shape about it. So it goes.
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