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Jax Blake
Re: Community Clash TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Like always when it comes to rules and laws and how people interpret them it's never the same and as a result our two outfits interpreted the specific rule in question in two completely different ways. From this point forward MERC will have it's in house counsel go over all rules with the match officials so that the word cheater need not ever be used and in fact as of this post we are asking AGN whether it be Torkz, Hamma, Noxx, or Derringer to come into this very thread and clarify it for everyone to read and to also update the community clash rules so that this issue never need be discussed again.

Please do not quote a reddit post from three days ago as we are both in disagreement as to what that means. We are asking that the officials from AGN come into this thread and set the record straight now as to what it means to be a full time member of an outfit. The pilots that you regularly play with and were brought into TGWW and who did a phenominal job; can they play with ANY other outfit besides TGWW? Whatever the AGN officials come up with stands and this ends here and now and forever.

MERCS would like to thank TXR for inviting us to the match and thank NNG / TGWW for the good fight and of course thank the AGN team for putting all of this together.
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