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Re: Community Clash TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Ladies and Gentlemen, a break in your internet argument here please.

NON PAID SPOKESMAN ALERT: I used to be in Mercs but had to take a break from the game when I was attacked by a horse on my farm and lost the use of my right hand. Just saying in the mindset of transparency, they booted me about a month or so ago I think for non activity.


I see this thread spiraling out of control, kind of like the plot line of The Little Mermaid 2

You had a princess and a prince, trying to protect their daughter from the second cousin twice removed of the villain from the first movie. Everyone is all up in each others face, you have a retarded seagull and McFish sandwich teaming up with an angry crab to do side quests, plenty of musical numbers and a thrilling conclusion brought to a conclusion in classic Disney straight to movie style in where the daughter is finally allowed to make her own decision about her future and she decides to become a mermaid , like her mother before her.

I see two sides of an argument here yelling screaming etc about a game.

Two sides, the game

Folks, the game here, is the daughter from the Little Mermaid. We all want the best for our daughter (IE the game hence we support a clearly fashion challenged Smedly at SOE Live) but instead of helping the game progress, IE have FUN at the game, we are here arguing back and forth.

You all take a step back from the edge of the ocean here and start enjoying this game again.

And now back to your regularly scheduled troll v troll argument.

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