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Bringing the PS2 fan fiction together - a separate website?

Hi all,

After looking through the fan fiction stories that have been written recently, it's clear that there are a number of writers here who have a talent for writing engaging and interesting PS 2 fan fiction.

I feel that the PSU fan fiction forums are a great place to put the stories, but I think that long-term it is limiting for authors because as soon as a story reaches the second page, it disappears and doesn't get any more readers.

I am thinking of creating a separate space, a website or a blog maybe, where pieces of PS 2 fan fiction can be submitted, ordered into categories (e.g. tales from the battlefield, stories that add to the background lore of PS 2, multi-part series, etc.) and presented in a way that the older, most popular stories are still visible on the main page of the site. Additionally, I would like there to be a system where authors can choose to have their stories rated and/or commented upon to try and increase the feedback they get for their work.

So, for you authors and fan fiction readers out there - do you think a separate site for PS 2 fan fiction is a good idea? Would you be interested in submitting stories to such a site, or reading the work of others in this separate environment? I would love to hear your ideas or thoughts about this suggestion.

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