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Re: Smed on PlanetSide Next Delay

Originally Posted by Smed View Post
I took it as such. My skin is thick enough to deal with negative posts. Im just going to take it out on them in game at the end of a virtual rifle. I imagine the haters as Vanu.

C'mon, he said rifle.
MUST be Terran.

Thanks for the update Smed. I know the internetz are a porous environment so it's hard to update us without it leaking everywhere, but we certainly appreciate your input in a big way. I'm glad you can have a thick skin too, because it's important to read negative content for its inherent worth.. I certainly have had some negative, or at least non-positive posts about Planetside on official forums.
I'll say here, while you're on forums (hopefully), that I have always endeavored to make my criticism constructive. Certainly nothing is ever a personal attack at current staff, but rather historic issues.

In recent months it's been incredibly satisfying to have someone high up in SOE in our corner. Players of Planetside KNOW you're on to something with this franchise, and if you really get behind it, we'll do everything we can to make it a financial success on our end, because we have seen the potential in this type of game since it first came out.
It's heartening to know that SOE sees the potential in the product that we do.

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