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Re: Smed on PlanetSide Next Delay

First off, THANK YOU SMED! Yeah it huge when the ceo drops in here to give us juicy tidbits, especially after that long lull

Originally Posted by DviddLeff View Post
Cheers for the update, my main questions regarding PS2 are;

1 is the certification system where a new player stands toe to toe with a veteran intact?
2 is the fight going to have 100s of players?

That is all that matters ultimately
Im not so worried about how the certification stands, I really think they are going to keep to where a medium assault gun kills you just as well, regardless of your Level.

But the second part is HUGE. Its why I bought MAG, why I play EVE and why I played PS for years. Its what makes PS soo special, PS let us have 400 people on a single cont. Please tell us, at the very least, that this cap has been increase? And what about the ceiling for air cav? 400m is nuffin...

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