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Re: Smed on PlanetSide Next Delay

Originally Posted by Straws View Post
Again, another sign that things are following the industry standard.
You know what else is an industry standard? An MMO having its launch date pushed back. Judging from the rather informed post you made, I can't fathom why this particular standard passed you by.

Originally Posted by Straws View Post
Please John, kick your marketing and testing departments into gear, otherwise this game is going to struggle to see Summer.
I will wholeheartedly echo this, and champion it with my dying breath. Marketing for Planetside was utter shit. I've been a very vocal critic of this since forever. Market the crap out of this game. So Everquest was a flagship game. That's fine, but now there's WAR, Rift, WoW, need I go on and on and on? Elves and half-naked chicks? Old and busted. MMO-FPS? Still the new hotness.

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