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Re: Smed on PlanetSide Next Delay

Originally Posted by Smed View Post
I imagine the haters as Vanu.

Made my night

Smed, thank you for posting here.

From what I've read it seems like you do have good intentions, especially concerning PSU. But I still have to express my "Bad Idea" vote at giving exclusives ahead of schedule/before mass-marketing. When you combine that with telling subscribers they get access to beta it seems very greedy since we still have no dates yet. I'm sure many disagree with me though lol

Is it just me or are games announcing themselves earlier and earlier in their development the past few years? In a perfect world I wouldn't know about a game until I can beta test it. Or at least until there is some solid info about the game.

But Smed's PR is GREAT! Posting here calling us the most loyal is an honor. If it was his game, his schedule, and his info to give, I think we'd all be much happier.
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And if you back in 2003 decided you wanted to play RTS games, between then and now you'd have dozens of RTS games you could have played. If you decided to play MMOFPS' between then and now, there were none
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