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Re: For EU Players: Win a trip to SOE Live

Originally Posted by Brollywood View Post
....and indeed we have:

The stat tracking part will now only be done on the base score - meaning no influence from boosts or memberships.

Keeps it nice and fair this way - especially since I know some of you were debating whether or not to replace their 3 month/6 month/Alpha Squad Boosts with the +100% Hyper boosters. I appreciate all the feedback here - hopefully it shows we are listening too.

Of course everyone can still use their boosts, they just won't count towards the score tracking for this particular event.

The competition is still unfair, players in underpopulated empires have a big disadvantage! Especially now, since you only track the base score and they dont get their bonus exp from underpopulation. Its also alot easier to earn exp on woodman compared to miller. To make this competition fair you should have choose the best three players per empire per server and not the best 12 from all four eu servers.
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