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There is a $12 per year membership fee. The fee is waived for new members for the first 30 days. You try us on for size while we try you on for size.

The one dollar a month primarily pays for the bandwidth needs of the message forums and our TS3 server (currently have 77 players logged into TS3, no lag...pure awesomsauce) but also includes private servers we rent. We did not always have the fee but it was decided after much discussion and gnashing of teeth that it was preferable to spread the pain over several hundred members rather demand so much of the few who were paying actually rather large amounts out of good will.

Left over money from subs at the end of the year is normally distributed back as a new years raffle/TS3 party.

You are not joining a Planetside 2 outfit if you choose to join. SG currently supports 5 games as official Portals including World of Tanks, World of Warcraft, Planetside 2, Eve Online, Star Wars the Old Republic and our Social Gaming Portal. The last is made up of whatever games SG members are currently interested in at the moment. In Social Gaming there are a lot people logged in to Diablo 3 and the DayZ mod for Arma 2 is getting a decent showing. Over time portals rise in popularity and eventually die. WW2 Online (SGs first game), Lord of the Rings Online, PS1, Pirates of the Burning Sea and a few others all saw there time in the sun and faded away. Sturmgrenadier didn't go anywhere, though. A lot of gaming groups fall apart when their interest in a particular game fades, that doesn't happen with SG. Apart from a few players who either were kicked out or left for their own reasons most of the guys who were in SG when I joined during the PS1 Beta and those who joined shortly thereafter are still kicking around.

If you're interested you can fill out an application at

edit: Dear Lordy, just looking at Aldman's avatar made me stop and actually do the math. I joined 9 years ago in May. The mind, it boggles. I was just a kid freshly out of college.


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