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Re: Sturmgrenadier Planetside 2

I just re-subbed to SG... other than my sub to PS, which I am only occasionally playing, I am not even gaming... I just cant see being without my SG fix daily.

While most of those posting here are crusty to the point of rusty... one of the great features of SG's model is that no portal is "tied" to a single persons personality. Which is to say that, while the PS2 outfit may be run by one person ( or a handful), over time those people can and will change.. and no its not just the old crusties swapping places... new fresh blood is brought into the mix.

think about it... lets say you really want to run a PS2 outfit.. but dont want to deal with the details of running a forum, a voice server, or even being the heavy and telling a member its time to move on... SG supports the portal commander so they can do what really matters... play the game! Hell, don't join SG to follow.. join SG and LEAD!
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