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Originally Posted by Sirro View Post
Personal mortar would be cool, but artillery's issues have been brought up already and wouldn't work well in a FF game. Flail never seemed to have much impact.

I don't know if it was just poor use by players or it was too soft to avoid its potential draw backs but I dont recall it ever winning a fight for a faction.
There was a tech event a while back where the NC were attacking VS on ...ceryshen? I cant remember where it was, but the VS used artillery to devastating effect. 3 or 4 flails along with a good portion of the VS forces completely locked out the NC ground offensive across a bridge. It was actually pretty fantastic use of the flails.

There were plenty of times where someone would laze the vehicle pad and a flail it would kill 30 or so guys and shut down the vehicle bay, because a few people put in the time, effort and teamwork to do something tactical as opposed to just bash their foreheads into oncoming forces.
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