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How about a deployable auto-mortar? Not 'auto' as in it will shoot on it's own-- rather, I was thinking something like this: you spawn a small artillery vehicle, travel to a strategic location, check the firing range, and deploy it. Since by the very nature of artillery you can rarely even see what you are firing at, there is little need for a human on the trigger. Either the gunner could leave his artillery undefended (perhaps capable of self-cloak or something, when not actually firing) and go laser-target the mortar personally. Or, you could defend the artillery position, and give responsibility for targeting and firing to a squad member or something. The squaddie could use some on-screen display that shows shell trajectory, error estimates, maybe even choose from a number of deployed mortars. Maybe outfit-limited, or limited to deploys where the player is alive and within some range.

I think this would be a very workable approach to an artillery type weapon. An indirect fire weapon, with a few reasonable limitations, and a physical way to counter it. I think that could be an excellent addition to the game.

Also, maybe you could have a man transportable small mortar, with shorter range but similar mechanics. And if a deployable vehicle was used, AND the game engine can do remote cameras, maybe you could remotely reposition your mortar vehicle for a better trajectory, like steering through a little camera. As a cert. perhaps. That'd be sweet.

+Support; to test out (at some point) at the very least.

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