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vehicle simulator

My idea is based on the fact that in many games it takes a long time to get good at driving a particular vehicle, you crash and can't get any kills and in general let people down on your team until you get better.
For example in Battlefield 3 it took me along time to get good at flying a jet or helicopter, I crashed and accidentally killed my team mates multiply times before getting good.

In Planetside 2 I don't think that should have to happen. In a Q&A session the developers said that they want people not to just play in every vehicle, they want people to specialize in a particular vehicle and be very good at it, but people aren't going to get good at a particular vehicle unless the can practice. Outfits aren't going to want a Galaxy driver that crashes all the time because they're not experienced enough, but then that driver is not going to get more experienced without letting people down.

So why not make it much easier?
If planetside 2 had a single player vehicle simulator players wouldn't have to go through all of that, they can simply practice driving their particular vehicle until they get better, this would let players get to know the controls so they don't crash with 30 people in their Galaxy.

The simulator should just be a small area where the player can spawn a vehicle, learn the controls, then practice driving it. I think some sort of tutorial and tips could be useful as well.

I'd like to be a Galaxy driver in an outfit but I don't want to waste the resources of a faction, let other players down, and crash with lots of players in it hundreds of times.
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